3 Ways to Keep Warm During Winter

3 Ways to Keep Warm During Winter

Do you know the feeling of when it’s so cold, you don’t want to hear the song Let It Snow anymore? Don’t let the chill get into your bones by trying out these tips:

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Adapt to the Cold
You can acclimatize yourself to cold weather. “People who are outside a lot and spend time in the cold can actually reduce their ‘set point,’ it’s called, before they respond to cold,” Greenway said.

The mechanism through which this reset happens is not fully understood, but a type of body fat called brown fat may play a role, recent research suggests. Unlike regular “white” body fat, that stores extra calories, brown fat actually consumes calories, and releases the energy as heat.

Newborns and hibernating mammals have lots of brown fat, which is thought to generate heat in animals that cannot shiver. And studies in animals and humans have shown that cold acclimation increases brown fat’s heat-generating capacity. Some research also suggests that exposure to cold actually boosts the amount of brown fat in the body.

Being physically fit also makes it easier for people to cope with cold, Greenway said. But being too thin can be a disadvantage, because body fat helps keep you warm. Source: LiveScience

Soak in a hot bath
Sometimes I think a hot bath is the only way to really warm up when you’re cold to your core. A bonus? Baths add moisture to the air, which can help alleviate your dry, winter skin. After you’re done bathing, don’t drain the water right away. Let the water sit and evaporate into the air. Source: MoneyCrashers

Rub your wrists together
Here’s a neat little trick to keep you warm. Rubbing your wrists helps you warm up quickly because these are parts of the body know as ‘pulse points’, where the blood vessels come close to the surface of the skin. Heating this area will help heat the blood and the rest of the body. Source: Home.BT

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