About Universal Spas

Universal Spas is a family based business, specializing in quality brand name hot tub products such as  La-z-boy®, Hydropool as well as many other outdoor living leisure items.  Jin and Justin, along with their team run the company and boast 25 years of industry knowledge and high-level customer service.

Jin and Justin’s expertise for hot tubs and their passion for customer service has made their team a leader in the industry. The team at Universal Spas excel at selling quality brand names that will satisfy customer needs with the best underwater hydro therapy, massage and, wellness that hot tubs can provide for many years.

The Beauty of Having a Hot Tub at Home

A hot tub can add an aspect of luxury to your home, not to mention increase its value. At Universal Spas, we ensure that you have enough to feast your eyes on. We excel at offering a variety of choices when you need to find a tub for your home. We have some of the best brands of tubs on the market like Hydropool and Laz-boy.

Our Expertise

One reason we are the best to work with when you need a tub or swim spa is our expertise. Our company has been at the top of the spa products market since its establishment in 2009. With a leader that has 25 years of industry experience under her belt, you can expect the very best. We know what products to offer different customers to ensure they get the best spa experience from the comfort of their homes.

Our Service

Our services are available to clients in the lower mainland area. As a family-run business, we thrive on customer satisfaction. We make sure the services you get are worth your money when buying a tub. One thing that we do is to ensure that you don’t have a hard time finding what you need. It is not always easy to pick a tub from the myriad of options available. Part of our job is to evaluate your needs and ensure that you have the best products.

We also provide water care services for customers. If you are looking for quality products to help you with the management of water care for your tub, we are the people to talk to.

Come Visit Us Today

At Universal Spas, we have the best team to offer you quality services when you want to get a hot tub for your home in Vancouver. We don’t just sell you products; we take the time to talk to you, so we know you are making the right choice. If you are buying a tub for the first time, contact us and we will be more than willing to walk you through it.

We service areas within Vancouver, Langley, Surrey, BC and Entire Lower mainland. To find out more, get in touch by visiting our contact page and filling out the form or call us at (604) 539-2182.