Hot Tub Therapy

Hot Tub Therapy
We’ve all heard about the mineral springs and baths of long ago that provided healing and almost supernatural benefits. People have been using water to relax and relieve body aches and pains for centuries. These days, hot tubs serve this same purpose, only you can also enjoy this in the privacy of your own home.

Heat can be healing, and a hot tub is a great way to get that heat evenly throughout your body. As the hot water decreases vascular tension in the body, blood flows more freely, blood pressure is reduced and muscles begin to lengthen and relax. Hot tubs deliver even heat throughout the entire body, providing all-over relaxation and pain relief. Additionally, when it comes to therapy for various medical conditions, a hot tub is a great asset to have in your home.

Following are several conditions that could potentially be helped by hot tub use:
Back pain

As previously mentioned, the heat of the water in the hot tub provides temporary pain relief as the muscles begin to warm, stretch out, and relax. In addition to the heat, the buoyancy of the water relieves pressure on the vertebrae, letting you relax and feel less pain.


Both the heat and buoyancy of the hot tub contribute to arthritis pain relief for many people. The heat soothes the aching joints while the buoyancy takes most of the pressure off the affected joints.


Proper sleep is a major key to health and wellness. Soaking in the hot tub helps the mind and body both relax and unwind. After you get out of the hot tub, the body temperature will begin to drop, this process has been shown to induce sleepiness. A soak in the hot tub before bed can trigger your readiness to sleep and help you stay asleep.

Foot Pain

Your feet take a serious beating every day, being in nearly constant motion, having to support the weight of your body. The hot tub heat and buoyancy of being in water take the stress off your feet and dedicated foot jets help to massage and soothe the soreness away.

While your body clearly enjoys the heat and buoyancy of the hot tub, loosening tight muscles and relaxing, a hot tub soak can be good mentally as well. By taking the time to simply relax before bed, floating peacefully in the hot tub, and letting worries melt away, you can unwind from the day and ready yourself for a good night’s rest. A hot tub soak is generally a good thing for both body and mind, and is an enjoyable way to unwind and pamper yourself while enjoying these health benefits as well.

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