3 Halloween Party Games You Should Try

3 Halloween Party Games You Should Try

Hosting a hot tub party this Halloween? Assemble a party to remember! Aside from spooky decorations, along with creepily designed treats, try these fun games that your guests will surely enjoy:

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Fill Up the Pumpkin
A card game filled with thrills and chills? Yes, please! For this game, make sure you have a plastic pumpkin (or any other container) that doesn’t leak. Spread out a deck of cards face down, and assign different rules to each card.

For example, each time someone draws a “king,” that person must take a sip of his or her drink. Or each time a person draws a “queen,” he or she can make someone else drink. The rules are up to you to decide, so have fun and be creative! Just remember to assign certain cards to be the cue for people to pour shot-size portions of their drinks into the pumpkin (or container.)

Finally, when someone draws the “ace,” he or she has to drink whatever is in the pumpkin. As you can probably imagine, this game works best when everyone is drinking different kinds of beverages. Source: PopSugar

Avoid the Hex
Your guests are going to love this Halloween party game for adults that requires some memory on their part — which might not be so easy as the night wears on.

As guests arrive let them know that there are certain words that they can’t say. If they do say them, you can set up some type of fun or embarrassing penalty. Source: TheSpruce

Scavenger Hunt
What could be a better Halloween activity than creeping through the dark looking for spooky clues? Nothing, that’s what. If you and your party guests like a little adventure with your entertainment, then a scavenger hunt is the perfect party game for you. You can hide creepy objects (like fake body parts or mini pumpkins) around your property, and give guests clues to find them. Whoever finds the most items at the end of the night wins a prize. Alternatively, you and your guests can break into teams and hit the streets with a list of Halloween-related items to find and document (a pumpkin carved into a cat, a person dressed as a Pokemon character, etc.). Whichever team has the most pictures of what they found wins! Source: Bustle

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