Fun Activities to Try This Fall

Fun Activities to Try This Fall

Maximize your time this autumn by scheduling amusing activities for you and the whole family. If you don’t have ideas on where to go or what to do, then start with the following:

Host a bonfire
Get to know your neighbors, invite them to join you and host a bonfire. Plan the event together as a family and go over safety precautions with children. Spend some time gathering brush before and cleaning up afterward together. Remember to check your town’s rules about fires before having a bonfire. Source: Pathways

Learn how to knit
Knitting is a great, tech-free way to occupy yourself in a creative way, while taking a break from your phone and devices. And what’s even cozier than curling up with some yarn and knitting needles? You can make cozy scarves, socks, and hats for you and your loved ones as the (even colder) winter months approach. Source: Bustle

Visit a pumpkin patch
All of the best pumpkin farms and patches offer so much more than fresh picks these days. With hay rides, corn mazes, food markets, and more, they’re a one-stop shop for autumnal activities. Source: CountryLiving

Get creative with pumpkins
Yes, you knew this would be on here. If you do have room in your budget to grab a few pumpkins to take home with you, use leftover art supplies now to decorate and display them to make your home feel festive. Then, when it’s closer to Halloween (say about a week before the holiday) you can carve those same pumpkins to save money and enjoy both decorated and carved pumpkins this year. Source: ApartmentTherapy

Indoor camping
Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you can’t camp inside. Bring a little summer to the fall with a basement tent, and sleeping bags. Roast marshmallows and hot dogs over the barbecue or stove.  Source:  Babble

The most relaxing activity to do during the cold weather is to soak in a hot tub. It doesn’t matter if your spa is indoors or outdoors, you can have a party and everyone will surely love it. If you don’t have a hot tub or swim spa yet, we can help you find the perfect one suited for you. Call us today!


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